The Coppers' Lot

The Coppers' Lot

Policing is an incredible profession where ordinary members of the public regularly do extraordinary things. To be a police officer is to be a social worker, marriage guidance counsellor, mental health worker and medic. They work under relentless pressure in a role that is as dangerous as it is thankless...

Passing out of Hendon

For more than sixteen years Rob was a frontline police officer.

He began his career in Brixton south London where he started as a response officer and attended emergency calls. Following an attachment to the borough drugs and firearms team he became a local beat officer within a neighbourhood police team.

Always proactive and keen to solve problems he led numerous successful drugs warrants which saw a significant reduction in crime and disorder, for which his sergeant was commended. Rob said “if you join the police hoping for glory then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The job satisfaction comes from improving the quality of life for the local residents”.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on 7/7 Rob attended the scene of the bus bombing in Tavistock Square, the experience had a profound effect on him, and he volunteered to become a street duties instructor. He said “I wanted to give new recruits the best possible start so that they might be better equipped to deal with the tragedies that they would soon face”.

After transferring to Greater Manchester Police where he again worked as a response officer before taking on the role of a divisional licensing officer. He had the opportunity to work proactively against organised crime groups operating in the pubs and clubs.

He was promoted to temporary sergeant both on response and neighbourhood team. He never got the chance to apply for a permanent position as he was seriously injured when he was dragged along the road by a car whilst attempting to arrest a dangerous driver.

Devastatingly this brought about the end of his career as he was medically retired in 2019 suffering with Complex-PTSD and serious physical injuries which have required extensive surgeries. He said “I wrote this book as the police are constantly vilified in the media, occasionally it is appropriate, however, most often is biased or plainly inaccurate. The British police are the best in the world, and it is time that the incredible work that they do is recognised.

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At the end of my career