A must read

A very insightful look into real life policing behind the scenes and not just what the Tv shows you. The read is very impactful and couldn’t put it down, with so many real life stories of police officers that have suffered from just doing their job and still suffer to this day! A must read!

A review for 'The Coppers' Lot', by Jo

A truly powerful read…….

A truly powerful and compelling read which I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about going into Policing. It tells the real side of policing so few actually know about or experience. It is so emotionally powerful to read the real insight into Police Officers lives. Congratulations Rob on an amazing book, into which so many truly inspiring officers have contributed their live events,

A review for 'The Coppers' Lot', by Helen P

An important story that needs to be told

This book tells the stories of Police Officers, who have put themselves in harms way, for society and the terrible way that they are repaid. Exploring everything from physical harm and death, through to lack of care for Officers in need and unfair disciplinary action and even prosecution, the author guides us through the dark side of the Coppers’ lot. This is a collection of real-life experiences of serving UK Police Officers, who have been badly let down, by the very society that they have devoted themselves to. The author’s own experiences and knowledge of the subject matter, means that he has really got to the essence of each of these, harrowing, stories. In a world where the mainstream media seldom have a good word for our heroes in the thin blue line, this book provides a voice for a handful of the thousands of Police Officers who have been let down. Superb book and a must read for anyone who worries about the future of policing.

A review for 'The Coppers' Lot', by Paul M

“Well researched & thought provoking”

A review for 'The Coppers' Lot', by John Donoghue author of “Police, Lies and Alibies: The true story of a front Line officer”

'The Copper's Lot' is a revealing and honest insight into the darker side of policing and the damaging effect it can have on those who serve. It shows you the person behind the uniform and highlights the severely challenging job police officers have. A fantastic read and a real eye opener!

A review for 'The Coppers' Lot', by Green Ribbon Policing

“Rob writes with sincerity and from deep personal experience. This book is long overdue. A valuable addition to the library of true-life police books. Fantastic.”

A review for 'The Coppers' Lot', by Jonathan Nicholas, author of “Hospital Beat” and “Who’d be a copper?”